Saved over $1,000 on Water Softner thanks to Jon!

Patrick O.

Crystal Lake, IL

Yelp  5.0 star rating


Water softener of 21 years finally went out. After calling the original manufacturer (Rainsoft) for its direct replacement and nearly having a coronary from the price, I figured I would buy one locally and have someone come and install.

Jon answered the phone when I called and he was very courteous, detailed and patient about my options. He was up front with the install pricing and even recommended the very GE model I was thinking of purchasing. As any homeowner today, I didn’t want to spend a fortune, especially for softened water. I bought the unit from the store and called him back to come and install in 2 days. This option ended up saving me nearly $1000!

He showed up on time as agreed. He worked very diligently, even taking the time to talk with me while he was doing the awesome job he did. He also took into consideration the placement of the unit and ran extra piping to accommodate a new home for this new unit. THANK YOU! He was very thorough and during his installation, even took the time to explain what he was doing and its purpose, as well as make recommendations about the salt type I use here in Crystal Lake and also a great tip on water heater maintenance. He also hauled away my old system!

Folks, this is as American as it gets. He is an honest, hardworking person who knows his craft. A locally owned and operated business with highly professional service and skill. I could swear in talking to him we have known each other a long time, he is just like you and me, except he knows plumbing!

I would highly recommend Rogue Plumbing to anyone. One of the best experiences I have had with a tradesman. THAT is definitely saying something.

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