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Kitchen Faucet Repair or Replacement            Kitchen Sink Replacement                  Disposal Replacement or Elimination              Instant Hot Water Dispenser Install or Replacement                                                  Under Sink RO System Install or Replacement                                                     Ice Maker Water Line Install or Replacement

Lavatory Faucet Repair or Replacement          Toilet Repair or Replacement                     Shower/Tub Valve Repair or Replacement         Lavatory Sink Replacement          Showerhead/Handheld Install

Laundry Tub Faucet Repair or Replacement       Laundry Tub Install or Replacement            Washer Valve Replacement                                Washer Hose Replacement

Outside Spigot Replacement                             Water Heater Repair or Replacement                 Water Softener Install                                        Sump Pump Replacement                              Battery Back Up Sump System Install                 Ejector Pump Replacement                               Water Meter Valve Replacement

Irrigation Backflow Device Annual Testing, Repair, Replacement or Install



Kitchen Faucet Repair or Replacement               Trip Lever Drain Replacement                             Drip Well Faucet Replacement                               Hand Sink Faucet Repair or Replacement          Kitchen Sink Drain Repair or Replacement

Washroom Faucet Repair or Replacement          Toilet Repair or Replacement                             Urinal Valve Repair or Replacement

Bar Sink Faucet Repair or Replacement              Bar Sink Drain Repair or Replacement

Small Water Heater Repair or Replacement        Mixing Valve Replacement                    Recirculating Pump Replacement

Backflow Device Annual Testing, Repair, Replacement or Installation




[box style=”note”]Our Service Difference: Flat Rate Pricing [/box]


Flat Rate Pricing

Rogue Plumbing Corporation uses a Flat Rate Labor system versus charging by the hour.

What’s the difference?

Flat rate labor allows the plumber or sewer and drain technician to give a customer an exact price on what the job is going to cost.  All flat rate labor systems are somewhat based on a hourly rate that has been determined by the company plus travel time.  A flat rate takes what an hourly labor charge would be and adds travel time then multiplies the sum of the two by the average time it takes to do a specific job (averaging best case and worse case), this determines the price rate of the job.  Most flat rate companies will have a price book with the top 100 or so most common plumbing jobs, each job has their own price.  If there are multiple plumbing issues at the time or arrival a customer will be given the price for each job.  Each job in the book also has a detailed description of what the job entails, if any thing outside the description is discovered, while doing the original work, usually it will cost additional to take care of the new issue that was discovered.                                                                                                        EXAMPLE:  XYZ Plumbing determined their hourly rate at $190.00 and average travel time is 30 minutes.  XYZ Plumbing determines the average time to replace a toilet is 1 hour.  $190.00 labor x 1.5 hours (average time plus travel time)= $285.00 Flat Rate Labor.  While doing the work the plumber comes across the toilet bolts are spinning while attempting to unthread the nuts, this takes the plumber an additional 1/2 hour to finish.  When the plumber comes back in with the invoice the labor charge is still $285.00 even though it took him/her longer than 1 hour to do the work.

Most hourly plumbing companies will charge a service charge to travel to a customer’s location.  The hourly plumbing company will access the work and inform the customer of their hourly charge and approximately how long it should take.  Once a customer signs approving the work to be done they are then locked into the hourly rate, regardless of how long the plumber stated it should take.  So every time the plumber has to go to his truck to get something he/she forgot, has to answer their phone or answer a question you may have, the clock is ticking.                     EXAMPLE:  TUV Plumbing determined their hourly rate at $120.00 and they will charge a $60.00 trip charge.  A customer calls them out to replace a toilet, the customer is already in for $60.00 once the customer answers the door.  The plumber accesses the work and tells the customer is should not take any longer than an hour and the customer signs agreeing to have the work done.  As the plumber is doing the work, he/she comes across the toilet bolts are spinning while he tries to unthread the nut, this adds time.  The plumber finally finishes the work and it took 1.5 hours to finish.  Before the plumber goes to his/her truck to write up the invoice the customer asks the plumber to look at something else and give an estimate to do the work, this adds another 1/2 hour.  The plumber goes to their truck and writes up the invoice, the labor shows $300.00 (1.5 hours to do the work + .5 hours to look at other work + trip charge).   The customer was assuming that the labor would be $180.00 ($120.00 labor + $60.00 trip charge), $105.00 cheaper than the flat rate company.  The plumber explains that the customer approved the hourly rate to do the work and not the time it would take.  The other scenario is that the plumber from TUV Plumbing rushes through the job, the customer is charged $180.00 labor but is left with a mess and the work was not thoroughly tested and finds a leak with the toilet the next day.

What does Flat Rate mean for you?

  • No surprises with a higher invoice than you expected at the beginning.
  • Consistent, reliable prices that help you budget accordingly.
  • Honest, dependable rates that you know in advance.

Our Competitive Difference

Providing a flat rate labor price allows us to take our time doing the job right the first time at no additional cost to the customer.  You will have the confidence to know that no matter how many times our plumber or sewer and drain tech has to walk in and out of the house to his/her truck the price will not increase.  There are no hidden charges as everything is upfront before any work is done.

At Rogue Plumbing Corporation, we have seen the difference our pricing model makes for hard-working business clients and families across our service area. We have chosen to rely on integrity, our proven skills and a commitment to serving our customers, not our bottom line.


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